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A Commercial Cleaning of an IHOP Vent, Before and After


Duct Doctor Nashville has the capacity to clean HVAC systems of any size facility nationwide. Together with our franchisees we are setting a new standard in air duct cleaning second to none.

Currently throughout the eastern United States and Texas we combine the capacity of our Franchisees in order to clean large facilities such as office buildings, hospitals, school systems, hotels, military installations, and even ships of all sizes. This we are able to coordinate on very large projects when requested by our Franchisees.

Most commercial air duct cleaning projects come to us by way of subcontracts from HVAC and Mechanical Contactors. Our commercial department can usually turn around a bid proposal in very short order. Just contact your nearest Duct Doctor USA Franchisee or dial 800 / 955-1275 and ask for the Commercial department.

Industry Leading Experience

The power of proprietary vacuum truck provides negative air sufficient to extract debris and contaminants from very large duct systems in very large buildings. An example of its advantage over portables was demonstrated by our foreign franchisee in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) where they actually deployed our 10″ vacuum hose up through the stairwell to the 17th floor of an apartment building. They had sufficient vacuum to simultaneously clean apartment on both sides of that floor pulling the debris down to their Duct Doctor truck at the street level.

Air Duct Cleaning – Now a Green Industry

Studies by the E.P.A. show that the removal of debris inside ductwork and the cleaning of the impacted cooling coils can reduce the running time of HVAC systems by as much as 30%. This directly correlates with savings in energy costs.

Duct Doctor Nashville is part of a leading edge company that has been providing quality source removal air duct cleaning and indoor air quality improvement services in the home and in the work place since 1985. We have the best equipment, the best procedure and 26 years of experience.