Industry Leading Duct Cleaning Procedure

A technician connects the power vacuum to the home’s air handler with an 8″ hose. Then he inserts the high-velocity air sweeper into the ductwork. He controls it with a hose connected to the truck’s air compressor which supplies up to 200 pounds of air pressure.

Duct Doctor’s patented vacuum truck is the industry’s most powerful. With the vacuum and cleaning aparatus, all contaminants are removed from the ductwork and stored outside in the truck’s debris collector for safe disposal.

The Process

1. Connect our patented Diesel Powered Vacuum System to your home's air ducts.

2.  Run high velocity air "whip" down each air duct - agitating debris loose

3. Pull all dislodged debris out of the house - straight to the filter compartment of the truck.

Duct Doctor Nashville is part of a leading edge company that has been providing quality source removal air duct cleaning and indoor air quality improvement services in the home and in the work place since 1985. We have the best equipment, the best procedure and 26 years of experience.